Facebook Advertising Invoicing


Today to share a Facebook application invoice tips
Every month they spend a small budget on the fan ads, but there is no way to get invoices to pay?

Why Facebook does not invoice me

Because Facebook is a foreign company, there is no branch in Taiwan, basically not within the scope of business tax levy, it must not be invoiced.

      There are usually three ways to deal with:

With direct contact with facebook, pay the way to pay advertising, unless you a month’s high advertising to let facebook to find you, or impossible. Not directly with the facebook, with credit cards to pay advertising fees, is their own online to print invoice, and then pay 20% of their own taxes (commonly known as the foreign tax) to declare, and then please the financial report 17% of the camp tax, can not report monthly 5% business tax does not have direct contact with facebook, looking for legislation network marketing company to help you, can directly get the invoice, do not have to pay credit card credit card exchange fee, do not have a stack of invoice to declare a pile of tax Cost-effective and convenient.

Responsible for the customer, with many years of market experience in professional advertising delivery experts Jing Li network marketing, allowing you to save a pile of tax, run errands time, so you earn each of the money saved with our professional with the responsible Attitude


At the lowest cost to help you under the opportunity of advertising can not grasp? There are advertising invoices can be tax credit

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